Plan a Casino Party

The theme party for all gamblers and Vegas fans!

Vegas feeling in your own four walls? A dream come true for many gamblers and 007 fans with a casino party. Here you’ll find tips and instructions to turn your home into a private casino.

Planning the Las Vegas theme party

At a casino party, it’s okay to be very thick when it comes to decoration and costumes. Of course, planning is the first priority, so that nothing goes wrong in the end. Therefore, this guide should give you a few ideas and tips for a successful casino theme party.

But first you should clarify the question whether it should be a pure gambler and poker party or whether your party should be a little more glamorous in the style of a Casino Royal Mottparty รก la 007.

At a pure poker casino party, the ambience is probably a minor matter, because what counts here is the fun of playing and gambling. Therefore here please absolutely to games like

  • Poker,
  • Roulette,
  • Black Jack or
  • 21

But this article is more about a Casino-Royale-Mottoparty. Therefore, you should definitely choose a suitable casino decoration, Vegas outfits and games.

Where should the casino party take place?

Furthermore, the location of the celebration is an important question that needs to be answered. A casino party can be celebrated at home in your living room as well as outside. It also depends on the number of invited guests.

If it’s going to be a really big casino party, it’s a good idea to switch to an extra room. Just ask your clubs, youth centres or restaurants for a good offer.

No matter where you end up celebrating, the casino decoration that creates the right casino ambience is definitely important. But more about that later. At the end of the day, the question of drinks and food should be clarified and all ingredients should be bought in advance. Then only the invitations to the Las Vegas theme party are missing.

Invitation to Vegas?

Now it’s time to design the invitation cards to the casino party. You can create the invitations yourself or order them conveniently online.

It’s important that she picks up on the motto and makes the guests want a stylish gambler’s evening. The game colours red, black and white are particularly suitable.

Here you’ll find a few creative casino invitations to do handicrafts yourself and, of course, a mysterious invitation text that will certainly attract many guests.

Funny Banknote Invitation

If you know about photo editing programs like Gimp or Adobe Photoshop, you can easily design and print a fake banknote. It’s funny not only to change the amount, but also to add your own face.

Playing Cards Invitation

These invitations to the casino theme party are not only extremely suitable, but also very quick and easy to make yourself. You only need old playing cards, which you stick on the back with clay cardboard or paper (color of your choice). Here you can write the invitation text or you have already printed it on the paper.

Decoration for the casino theme party

At a Casino Royale theme party, the decoration can be applied thickly. Here it should glitter and sparkle, like at night in Las Vegas, the gambler city par excellence. Dominant colours for the decoration should be the classic playing card colours red, black and white. But gold also looks noble in this combination and completes the casino look.

Room and wall decoration for the Vegas feeling

The room can be embellished with various elements, such as

  • Poker motif lanterns,
  • black balloons,
  • classic paper lanterns in gold,
  • Number balloons in silver

If you don’t have a genuine slot machine at your disposal, you can use a jackpot wall backdrop to create a similar flair.

You can create your own individual character by creating your own banners and garlands. Either you use a customizable Poker Tournament banner or you just make your own Vegas garland.

DIY playing card garland

For a cool casino garland, you’ll make white clay cards with red and black letters on them, then hang them on a red string and paint or stick them on. Individual garland labels could be used:

  • “Happy Birthday” (when a casino birthday is celebrated)
  • the name of the host
  • simple cards
  • the names of the games played at the Casino Party
  • “Good Luck.
  • Decorative console

Of course, the obligatory gaming tables must not be missing in any case. All you need for a Roulette table is a Roulette set, a table and a few chairs. A roulette tablecloth completes the game.

The poker table is also quickly conjured up. Either you get yourself a poker table cover or you take a tablecloth (preferably in green) and simply draw the card outlines here. So you can also conjure up other tables in no time at all, like with a blackjack tablecloth.

Of course you can also create your own game tables with games. Finally, all you need are gold coins, poker chips, chips, play money and the fun can begin!

Food and drinks for your casino party

The Casino Royal Party is noble and glamorous. The food and drinks should be the same! Long drinks, cocktails and champagne (of course also sparkling wine can be ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) should not be missing at this party. Crushed ice or ice cubes complete the whole thing perfectly.

It would be great if you could hire a bartender to mix the drinks. Maybe a friend or relative will agree to this “job”.

The food, on the other hand, should be more practical. At a casino theme party, small, sophisticated snacks and finger food, fruit skewers and snacks are perfect. You can easily prepare this and prepare it as a kind of buffet for the casino party.

Matches Game

Each player gets three matches. Now each player has to hide 0-3 matches in his fist. Each player now tries to guess the total number of all matches. If you are right, you get one point/tone/shot, etc.

Card duel

This casino game is only suitable for 2 people. Both get a deck of cards with the values 1-11. Now they place a card in the middle at the same time. Then they are uncovered and the one with the higher card wins a point. If the cards are the same, nobody wins a point. Whoever has the most points after all eleven cards played wins this game.