Newest Bingo Sites Craze

Newest Bingo Sites Craze

Bingo, originally named ‘Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia’, in 1530. The game has evolved over the years into the gambling game we now know as bingo. While bingo halls are still highly popular, online bingo ignited and is now played by millions around the world. The first sign of online bingo was in 1996. Since then, more than $1 billion has been gained from its application.

What is Online Bingo?

Online bingo is basically identical to a bingo hall except that you can play from the comfort of your home. You buy one or more cards which each have numbers from 1-90 on them.

Instead of using balls like in the bingo halls, a program will generate a random number and display it on the screen. The process continues until someone gets five numbers in a row and declares bingo!

How Online Bingo is Played

Typically, an online bingo site will charge you a fee for you to purchase tokens. The tokens you buy can then be exchanged for bingo cards. Many sites offer premiums or special first-time packages to draw in new players. ‘Bingo Mania’, for example, offers brand new players a $100 bonus to those who make even the smallest deposit of $5. If you’re interested in playing online bingo, do check out the new sites for bingo for 2018.

After your account is made and you have some cash on hand, you can purchase cards and join online bingo matches. The numbers are revealed and the first competitor to get five in a row wins the match and earns more cash. Those who lose would either buy new cards or deposit additional cash into their account.

During a match, there is even a chat function allowing you to interact with your opponents. This is used to increase the interest and entertainment of the online bingo game.

How to Win Money

The game itself may sound simple and easy. There is, however, a great deal of strategy involved when it comes to making money out of the game. Obviously, the way to earn cash is to win the game. Online bingo is not completely up to chance, however. A certain amount of strategy is involved.

An example of this is the ability to purchase more than one card for each match. Some competitors even buy five or six cards to increase the odds that they will have a winning card.

When you purchase a card, you also get to choose the card you want. If you want a higher chance of winning, it is best to purchase cards that have a variety of numbers on them. There’s no point in paying for two similar cards as you can only win once!

The best online bingo players are the ones who can accomplish the above strategies whilst retaining a moderate amount of control. Just because the game is online does not mean it suddenly isn’t gambling. Online bingo is just as addictive as it is in a bingo hall. You have a higher chance of winning more money one day out of a full week than you do winning a gamble made with the entire week’s budget all at once.


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