Best Live Blackjack Casinos

The Best Live Blackjack Casinos 2019: Cards Count for Success!

Live Blackjack is an exciting casino game where the house advantage can be significantly reduced with the right betting strategy. So not only does the live casino game offer you a great casino atmosphere to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, but it also gives you the chance to count strategy Blackjack cards many winnings. We recommend Live Blackjack online casinos, which are great for card counting. How the Blackjack strategy works is explained below.

Advantages of the Live Dealer Blackjack game:

  • The excitement of a real casino game
  • Friendly live croupiers and other players you can chat with via live chat
  • You can apply the card counting strategy

Live Blackjack at the Casino Online

If you want to enjoy your favourite game in your own home and win real money at the same time, you should consider the new Live Blackjack tables from the providers we recommend. This is meant quite literally: In addition to state-of-the-art video technology and charming live croupiers, there is a wide variety of options for game design. For example, you can choose from several different camera perspectives to set the table optimally for yourself. In contrast to the real casino, you can also count cards and even use tables in the casino online in live blackjack without having to fear trouble. And, perhaps the most beautiful: Nobody punishes you if you face the live croupiers in pyjamas and with felt clogs on their feet.

The Blackjack Variants in Live Casino

Blackjack A-Z: These are standard live Blackjack tables that have different names, croupiers and betting limits, but are always played according to the same rules.

Blackjack White/Red: Again, the standard rules apply, but you play at a white or red table.

VIP Blackjack: The VIP and Platinum VIP Blackjack tables have particularly high betting limits and are only available to players with high customer status levels.

Party Blackjack: Party Blackjack is all about fun, with two entertaining live dealers at one table, many players and bets starting at 50 cents per game.
Squeeze Blackjack: In Squeeze Blackjack, the croupier makes the game particularly exciting by uncovering the cards only slowly.

Tips & Tricks: Card Counting

Unlike playing at automated Blackjack tables, where the card counting strategy doesn’t work, in Live Blackjack you can use the popular and promising trick to increase your chances of winning. In Blackjack card counting, you watch the game progress and count how many high and low value cards have already fallen. This allows you to determine when it is more likely that a high or low card will be drawn next.

Cards count for beginners

As a beginner in Blackjack card counting, you should first limit yourself to learning and applying the basic technique. This means that you calculate all cards from 2 to 6 with +1, the cards from 7 to 9 with 0 and the cards from 10 to Ace with -1.

While you are playing Live Blackjack, you should have a notepad ready and write down all cards that have been played face up according to this count method. If the total is negative or positive, you can better estimate whether the next card you or the dealer will receive is a low card or a card worth 10. This will help you in critical situations when you don’t know whether to buy another card or not. Counting cards is the only casino strategy that is certain to succeed. Be aware, however, that each time the cards are shuffled or the deck is replaced, you must restart your calculations.

While at automated online Blackjack tables you only play with one deck of cards, which is shuffled after each round, Blackjack in live casinos and land-based casinos uses a certain number of decks and shuffles only when most of the cards have been used up. While land based casinos don’t like to see card counting and users of the strategy are therefore often banned from playing at home, no one can control whether they count the cards at home or even take notes. So you can get a real advantage at Live Casino Blackjack!

How does the Live Dealer game work?

You don’t have to incur any extra expense to play Live Dealer Blackjack online at the casino. What you need to check is the performance and stability of your Internet connection. The razor-sharp images that are delivered to your home via video stream take up a lot of volume on the data highway.

One of the high class features of our providers is the presentation of the live croupiers in the lobby. Try it the next time you are online at the casino. Bet your heart laughs at the sight of the charming ladies you invite to play? Sometimes there are even places available at the Playboy tables with their pretty bunny dealers. On top of that, you can open multiple tables in the best casinos: In the menu at the bottom there is a button that takes you back to the lobby. There you can select additional tables for simultaneous play and you don’t even have to limit yourself to Live Dealer Blackjack.

Special features and game variations

Unlike Roulette or Baccarat with live croupiers, in Live Dealer Blackjack you may have to wait a bit for a seat to become available at a table, even though there are no micro stakes at all. Modern recording and transmission technology, staff and room costs all claim your prize, so you can only play for real money at live blackjack tables, not in play money mode. On the other hand, if you want to minimize the risk, you can use the welcome bonus or the bonuses from special promotions of our providers for your first steps in the game with live croupiers. By the way, the usual game variation in Live Online Blackjack is European Blackjack in the multiplayer version with up to seven players, which is offered with many different croupiers and table limits. But there are also many other variations, such as Blackjack Squeeze, where the cards are revealed particularly slowly to create even more excitement, or Blackjack Party, where several hundred players can gather at a table and are entertained by two croupiers dazzlingly.

The Best Live Dealer Casinos 2019

Even players in Germany can play real money Live Blackjack in 2019. Of course, it is important that you choose casinos that are as serious, secure and fair as they are quality and have good chances of winning for their customers. Our Blackjack experts are familiar with the task of checking all these aspects for you – so that you can fully concentrate on playing Live Online Blackjack. Have fun trying it out!