What we've learned from OnePoll this week

OnePoll are a Market Research company which provide a lot of the ‘shock-finding’ surveys you see behind stories in the papers. Using their rigorous methodology they push back the boundaries of knowledge, fearlessly probing and asking the questions others meekly avoid.

Here’s a roundup of some of their recent work.

Business Insider tells us Americans Are Sitting On $33 Billion Worth Of Old Cell Phones (unsourced.org page) (and oh, by the way, SellCell.com will buy your old phone).

Yahoo’s omg! celeb-fest has an item about Cheryl Cole’s ‘tacky’ back tattoo. We also find out that Girls Aloud has just started a tour. Good timing. We might have missed that otherwise.

On the BBC we discovery that divorcing couples often hide assets (unsourced.org page), and that Co-operative Legal Services are happy to provide advice on divorce, civil partnership dissolution and separation.

Via freshbusinessthinking.com, we hear that rent increases and space constraints are forcing London firms to relocate. But don’t panic. Capital Capture, the company who commissioned the survey, can sell you the tools you need to deal with this. Phew.

The Bristol Post covers a survey which finds that 75% of people in the South West aspire to own their own home (unsourced.org page). Luckily, there is hope on the horizon for these poor unfortunates, in the form of building company Taylor Wimpey (name mentioned three times, website address helpfully included).

And finally, to ‘celebrate the release of extreme sports film Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D’, the Daily Star ran a piece about a ‘shock study’ which found 46% of the men it asked preferred watching sport over having sex (unsourced.org page).

Craving still more vital knowledge? Head for the OnePoll twitter feed for more.