'Tis the season for Christmas-related surveys

The British Heart Foundation tells us: "UK adults set to eat as much salt as 50 packets of crisps on Christmas Day". This was picked up by The Telegraph. Scotland on Sunday, the Daily Express, and ITV, among others, most of whom chose to emphasise the troubling levels of lard intake rather than the troubling levels of salt intake.

Another survey says that Almost Three Quarters Of Dog Owners Prefer Buying Presents for Pets Over Partners, as reported in the Daily Express,

Bah humbug. YouGov says "Brits to spend less this Christmas". But that's OK, because hamper company Virginia Hayward tells us "Christmas Shopping Will Be Fast Paced This Year"!

But Christmas is not all peace on earth and goodwill to all retailers. A survey by Buscopan Cramps highlights the seasonal dangers: "Jingle Bowels? More than a third of Brits suffer from abdominal complaints during the festive season". However, an unrelated  Mirror, article claims that "This Christmas, ­two-thirds of us will suffer from ‘jingle ­bowels’". A third of us? Two thirds? Who is right?

The Express has a nice roundup of various surveys covering the plight of the christmas card against the forces of rising postage and electronic communications. "Charities Hit by Fewer Sending Cards" by Eugene Henderson, covers surveys from Saga, Oxfam and mobile phone network 3. Although it is rather let down by not actually linking to any of the survey data...