Illicit sex and free advertising

The extramarital affair website seems to get a lot of free advertising in somewhat surprising places.

The practice of conducting a dubious survey producing some 'quirky' finding is a well trodden path for slipping PR material into the media disguised as news. However, one UK website seems to have honed this proud tradition down to a fine art. They are (SFW wikipedia link) and since the beginning of 2012 they have managed to get mentioned by at least 39 articles in the UK papers. Of course, stories about sex are always an easy sell, so the website has a distinct advantage there - it's a 'dating' site for married people in search of extra-marital flings. But it's still an impressive record.

When we break down this deluge of free advertising we find that the leader of the pack - with 11 articles - is that bastion of social liberality, the Daily Mail:

Oddly, there was a particular press release that the Mail failed to pick up: "The Daily Mail is the No:1 choice for cheating housewives" (

The Sun (4 articles):

The Express (4 articles):

The Mirror:

The Sunday Times:

City AM:

Sheffield Star:

The Daily Telegraph:

The Herald:

Martin Love at The Observer gets a special mention for managing to namecheck the site in a car review!

Bucks Herald:

Banbury Guardian:

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