Browser extension for Chrome

I'd like to announce the new browser extension for the Chrome (and Chromium) browser.

Install it now

For any news articles you view, the plugin will check to see if there are any sources or warning labels associated with them. Warning labels are overlaid on the article like this:

warning labels

Sources are indicated by an icon which appears in the address bar. When you click on the icon, a popup window will display the sources:


For any news article which isn't registered on, a greyed out icon will appear in the address bar. Clicking on this will bring up the option to register the article on, to begin adding sources and labels.

Like the website, the extension is open source. You can find it's source code on github.

There are a lot of improvements planned, so please give us your feedback!

  • Tweet us at @UnsourcedOrg
  • for more in-depth discussion, the best place is mst-dev, the Media Standards Trust Development Google group.


(Thanks must go to Tom Scott, for his rather lovely warning labels, upon which ours are based, and to Sunlight Labs, whose sfm-chrome extension provided our starting point)